Monday is the greatest day on the calendar. Its baseball’s opening day and everyone is happier as on this day, hope springs eternal for even the bad teams.

In the Fisher house there are actually only two season: baseball season which runs from April to November and Bull Durham season which runs from November to April.

Hollywood’s best baseball movie is a staple in our house because it’s packed full of practical advice wrapped in a love story that takes place at a ballpark. I find myself quoting it on a near daily basis for some reason or another, even if it’s just to remind myself that “the rose goes in the front, big guy.”

I actually used a Bull Durham reference yesterday when talking with a good friend of mine. She’s concerned that when she lands her professional job that she’ll have to give up who she is and dress as a professional.

Instantly, this scene came to mind.  

I’m not suggesting that anyone has to give up their personality, but it’s a really good point made in a really good way about a really important issue.

Once you’ve made it. Once you’ve gotten in the room and are taken seriously, the cartoon tie is colorful, until then however, it means you’re slob.

I didn’t say that. Crash Davis did. 

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