Spring is upon us and as we roll into Easter Weekend, the world will be filled with men forced out of their hoodies and blue jeans and into their “good clothes”.

While despise that term and have never understood the attraction to hoodies, I’d like to do the world a favor let you all in on a little secret: Dressing well is much simplier than it seems.

Three simple steps will help you stand out from the crowd rather than stick out like a joker

 Step One. Wear a White Shirt

There is simply nothing a man can do to make himself look better than to wear a crisp white shirt. Consider it’s versatility. A white shirt and be paired with virtually any tie. A white shirt and be worn with khaki’s, jeans or a suit. It takes all of these combinations up a notch. If you want to stand out, skip the pastels and stick to white. 

 Step Two. Wear a Simple Tie

What I mean by simple tie is something you might call plain. Stick with stripes, solids or pin dots. If you wear a tie with cartoon characters on it, you will look like a cartoon. Want to take it a step further? Keep it dark. Deeper colors against a white shirt provide a brilliant contrast. Men will admire it and women will be attracted to it.  You will stand out for your understatement. Let the buffoon in the Tasmanian Devil tie in bright yellow stick out like a fool. 

Step Three. Wear a Dark Jacket

The classic Navy Blue Blazer with brass buttons would be my first suggestion for any man taking this style up a notch. It’s classic. Some might call it boring, but it’s been around for generations because it’s flattering. It’s also a great piece to pick up at a thrift shop. Most thrift stores sell blazers and jackets for less than $5. Find someone you trust to take it in at the sides and shorten the sleeves and you will resemble JFK at a dinner party rather than Chris Farley’s Matt Foley falling on a table. 

 The first step to being taken seriously is looking the part. By following these very basic yet commonly missed steps, your understated style will set you apart from the mass of men that are yet to figure it out.

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