I honestly hate the network marketing stuff and my biggest pet peeve is people who pretend to care just to sell their stuff. It’s so transparent.”

This was the answer my friend gave me when I asked him if he knew any network marketers I could talk to. I had heard this before but not put in these terms. I didn’t argue, I just changed the subject.

I happen to love network marketing. I think it’s a great way to promote products that offer real value and build an income stream that can do wonders for someone’s lifestyle, so why didn’t I make an argument? I knew he was right.

Too many good people with good intentions come off as insincere and phony because they’re making some really big mistakes in their sales presentation.  Here are three mistakes to avoid and some helpful hints of what you might do instead.

Sell too early in the relationship

Network Marketing has a better name. It should be called Relationship Marketing. Friending someone on Facebook and sending a message right after the request is accepted asking if “you’ve heard of the crazy wrap thing” is essentially asking “your place or mine” as soon as you pick someone up on the first date. You need to build a relationship first and sell second.  

Not the sleazy, nice kid you’ve got there kind of relationship, but one built on genuine concern and care. Become truly interested the people you want to become interested in you. You’re relationship will grow and they will trust you when you offer a solution to their problem.

Asking The Wrong Question

I am not a network marketer because honestly, no one has ever effectively sold me on becoming a distributor for them. No one has ever gotten my attention asking “Have you heard of…”

I don’t say this to brag, but I am a really good prospect for them. I have a large network and I’m pretty outgoing. They’re not selling me because they’re not asking me the right question.

Instead of, have you heard of…? Talk to my interest. I don’t care about your product. I care about me, and I’m not alone.

Here’s a better question to ask: Would you like to hear my story?

I’m making as much money from my part time job as I am from my full time job. Would you like to hear my story?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve lost 25 pounds and have never felt better, would you like to hear my story?

Who can say no that? Everyone loves a story. Tell it right and you now have a prospect.

Selling The Products And Not The Benefits

A great example comes from Dale Carnegie, who wrote: “last year, 11 millions drills were sold in America, and no one wanted one. What they wanted were holes.”

Tell me a story. Don’t sell me a product. Tell me what the product that you’ve been using has done for you. Tell me why you are so passionate about the product that you became a distributor.

Remember I don’t care about your product, I care about me. If you want to sell me, share an honest story. Your story is your greatest tool. Don’t leave it in the bag. Get it out and share it.

The benefits of Network Marketing are huge. Your potential to change lives, including your own, is endless. Don’t blow your opportunity by coming off as another slimy salesman. Build trust with a relationship, ask a better question and tell an honest story. Do these things well, and they’ll be calling you to sign up.


Side note, I would love to talk to your group! If you or your network need to improve your stories, let me help you. For the first three to email me, I’ll present an hour-long storytelling workshop for free.  

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