Having a four year old daughter I answer the question “Why?” about three hundred times a day.  

I tell myself that she’ll only be young and cute for a little while and that this is her way of figuring out how the world works. I do my best to answer her but this morning she actually made me stop and think before answering.


Watching me get ready for work this morning, Kate was as curious as ever and was full of questions like “Why do you always comb your hair like that? Why do you always brush your shoes? Why do you always wear those clothes?”  Good questions that I hadn’t thought to answer before.

She has a point.

I do, always comb my hair the same way. In fact, I make it a habit of going to the barber every Friday morning so that my hair always looks the same.

I do, always brush and shine my shoes before I put them on. In fact, I spend 15 minutes every Sunday afternoon polishing my shoes so that they always look the same.

And I do, always wear those clothes, by which she means single breasted, two button suits that are either Navy or Gray with a white shirt and a tie. It is a uniform that ensures that I always look the same.

Then it hit me. It’s not that I’m boring, although I may very well be, but that it’s the consistency that I value. Doing all of these things every day ensures that I always look the same and that I am consistent.

I very well realize that consistency isn’t sexy and that all of this sounds very Type A, but I firmly believe that consistency breeds confidence and that confidence is the key to being successful at anything.

Want to be confident setting an appointment? Be consistent with your methods and timing.

Want to be confident behind a lectern or on the platform? Be consistent with your preparation and practice.

Want to be confident in your diet? Be consistent with your meal planning and food options.

If your career depends on making a solid first impression, confidence is your most important asset. My advice to anyone looking to improve their Executive Image is to practice being consistent. Find a barber and go frequently. Take pride in keeping your shoes clean and develop a uniform that suits you. Not only will you look better but the confidence that you will project will mark you as person worth remembering even if they find themselves asking “Why?”

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