“If you’re not on twitter, you’re invisible.”

This was the advice a friend gave me recently. To be honest, it didn’t seem like much advice, but when I finally did some research, I found the value.

I need to say first, that I love Twitter. Expressing a thought in 140 characters will make you a better writer and I’m all for that!

It was when I went searching for the answer about getting attention on twitter that I found the best Twitter Advice I’ve ever heard; To Be Interesting On Twitter, Do Something Interesting In Real Life.

The genius of this advice is that anyone can post to twitter, but having something interesting to say only comes from having interesting experiences. You have to actually do something.

Everyone is screaming for attention on Twitter, but it’s only those that are bringing real value with solid content, delivering for real clients and accomplishing real goals that are breaking through and standing out. Everyone else is just noise.

As I have worked to improve my Twitter game, I have focused on doing three things:

1. Only sharing content that I’ve read and found helpful. There’s nothing worse than people who are clogging our feeds with endless streams of articles and posts that they’ve never read.

2. Keeping retweets relevant to my brand. There are a lot of statements, jokes and posts that I find witty, funny or interesting, but not everything is consistent with what I do. However, I am happy to retweet a great leadership lesson, a persuasion technique or image tip because I feel twitter is no exception, to the rule that consistency is king.

3. Only speak when I have something to say. There are days I will  tweet six or eight times, others, two or three, but I am not going to feed the noise monster by tweeting just to tweet. I see twitter as a big meeting and I won’t be the person talking just to hear myself.

It may be true that if you’re not to Twitter, you’re invisible, but unless you’re bringing value, you may as well be.

These are three rules that I follow to stay relevant and interesting, what are yours?




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