On Monday I shared a post about how my coffee guy, Mikie, has built a profitable to successful company by creating what I call Mikie Moments.

At this time, you might be thinking, how hard can that be, coffee is cool, it’s available and it’s addictive, how hard can that be?

First, I’d give you a fist bump if you realized that I just quoted Thank You For Smoking, but secondly, being successful in any business is difficult today. Standing out and getting noticed isn’t easy. That’s why it’s imperative to follow these five steps to creating Mike Moments.

1. Be Original.

If I wanted Starbucks, there’s one down the street. If I wanted McDonalds, I could find it anywhere, but Mikie has me talking about him because he’s different and he owns it. I’m not the only person telling my friends that they have to drink his coffee. People are drawn to his authenticity

2. Be An Expert.

I had no idea what kind of coffee I wanted, but Mikie was an expert and was able to match what I drank before with what he offers. There are so few experts anymore, but the fact that he was able to lead me, established that I would trust him in the future. His knowledge led to confidence both in him and his product.

3. Set a Positive Expectation.

“This is just a taste, because it will blow your mind.” Yes, I thought he was talking about drugs, but he set the expectation that I would enjoy what he was selling. It was subtle, but it’s much easier to agree than disagree. Setting the positive expectation kept me coming back for round two.

4. Brand Yourself.

Mikie doesn’t just sell coffee, he sells the world in every cup. His great product and his great service are his reputation. People talk about how great are. When people are talking about you, what are they saying? If you take the time to brand yourself, personally, the words of your clients and customers will keep you fed.

5. Go The Extra Mile

By delivering my coffee to my office, it seems like a nice little offer that keeps someone who is busy from having to make one stop, but in reality, when Mikie is delivering my coffee, he’s selling everyone in my building. Do you have any idea how good it smells when he drops it off? And he brings it to me? He now not only has me talking about him, but everyone I work with too. Going the extra mile isn’t just about service, it’s about building his brand which makes him successful.

Mikie has used his passion for great coffee and connecting with people to build a profitable business with next to no advertising. The clues that he’s left are worth following.

Has anyone ever created a Mikie Moment for you? Leave in the comments, I’d love to read about it.

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