At the end of 2014, I somehow stumbled upon a video of a Jim Rohn lecture centered around the importance of keeping a journal. He made a very logical case and I decided to start.

Since that day, I have since faithfully used a journal every day since to capture thoughts, events, and ideas. I made it a habit and I have done it every day, but somehow, I knew I wasn’t getting the full value of it.

That’s when I started looking for a better format. I found this post from Michael Hyatt, and I enjoyed it, but it didn’t really work. For one, I always journal at night and his template is more geared toward the morning. However, I was inspired by it enough to create my own template and after using it for a few months, I have to admit I have found both convenience and value.

Like Mr. Hyatt, I center my template around seven basic questions. These questions force to me rethink my day, find the high points and things I’d like to rework and the things I’ve learned. The following is what I have been using as a template:

What Did I Enjoy?

What Would I Improve?

What Did I Accomplish?

What am I Grateful For?

What Did I Learn?

What Did I Read?

What Do I Want From Tomorrow?

Using these questions, I get my day out of my head. I bring focus to what went right, what could have gone better, what I actually accomplished and what I’m grateful for. Noting what I learned and what I read reinforces the ideas that I pick up and by getting what I want to do the next day out of my head, I can sleep without having it nag me.

When I first started my journey into journaling, I used Evernote. I attempted Google Keep and even a pen and paper but I have found that the application Diario to be the best one for me, It syncs to dropbox and is available across multiple devices.

Technology has made writing and keeping a journal much easier. A great app that I love is called and it’s a simple goal tracking app that counts the days that you do something, I find competing against myself to build a longer streak to be the single biggest driver of keeping me writing,

Using a template, a good journal app and an app that inspires me to continue has allowed me to find even more value to Jim Rohn’s advice to keep a journal. It’s worked for me and I would encourage you to find a system that works for you.

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