Greetings from the Auglaize County Fair!

It’s hard for me to describe this week with any other word than AWESOME! It’s my favorite week of the year and since it’s what I call in my office, Awesome week, I wanted to touch on the elements of being an awesome person. 

No matter how you slice it, Awesome people are happy. You might say, of course, they are, they’re awesome, but it’s their happiness in part that helps to make them awesome.  If happiness makes us awesome, then what makes us happy?

When I was a kid growing up, my dad only had one week of vacation which meant only one week to be together. We would spend that one week at the Auglaize County Fair competing in livestock shows. It’s a tradition that I’ve proudly passed on to my f20160710_203629amily as my son will be leading his steer into the ring for the first time this week. It’s going to be awesome.

Because I look forward to fair week all year, I always find it difficult to get my mood right the week after. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why, but then the answer came to me in a movie.

It’s not a particularly good movie: A Family Thing from 1996. It was on TV a couple of weeks ago and loving both Robert Duval and James Earl Jones, I watched.

In one scene Robert Duval’s character is sharing a lesson he observed a man in his town that worked like crazy all week to take his son on a fishing trip. The lesson is that Happiness is nothing more than having something to look forward to.

Happiness is nothing more than having something to look forward to.

Spending all year looking forward to the fair is great, but when it’s over, I feel let down because the next one is a whole year away.

The good news, however, is that there’s power in finding something to look forward to. It’s something we all control and if we can control what we look forward to, we can control our mood.

Controlling our emotions is key to being awesome. Happy, positive people not only have more friends, they’re better leaders as well. People want to follow those that can project optimism. Not only that, happy people are more productive and persistent because as Zig Ziglar one famously observed, “when there’s hope for the future, there’s power in the present.”

No one can make us happy. That job is up to us. That means that next week, I have to work extra hard to find that next thing to look forward to. I’m certain that I will now that I’ve discovered that it’s the secret to being happy and if I’m happy, I’m on my way to being awesome!

Happiness is nothing more than having something to look forward to. What’s on your calendar that has you happy?







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