light-bulb-1042480_1920Continuing with the theme for this week of being awesome, today’s blog is about your greatest resource: Your Energy.

Every awesome person I know is high energy. Not because they’re wired that way, but because they control their energy and use it to their advantage. Below are my five go-to ways to manage energy to be awesome!

Take Control Of Your Calendar

It is physically, mentally and emotionally draining to bounce from one crisis to the next. If we don’t have a plan for our day, that’s essentially what we’re doing. Take control of your calendar and you have the power to shape events rather than being shaped by them. I use a block schedule. I set all of my meetings the week before and then block my time for the tasks that I need to complete. Being in control gives me a feeling of freedom and keeps my mind fresh.

Get Out Of Your Head

I’ve written over and over again about the power of getting thoughts out of your head. I will continue to do so not because we forget things, but because holding information in our heads burns energy. It causes stress. Keeping good lists of tasks to be completed, of ideas that come to us while driving, and things that need to be discussed with people, frees room for more creativity and burns less of our precious energy.

Take Control of Your Diet

This isn’t weight loss advice. I have a lot of opinions on the subject but I will keep those to myself. Instead, this is a must for anyone that wants more energy throughout the day. If you’re moving from one blood sugar crash to the next, you will never be as awesome as you otherwise would be. To some, the answer to this is to eat every two hours. For others, it’s eating a diet low in sugar, processed carbohydrates and sticking to proteins. The second works for me but it’s crucial that you discover what works you and stick with it.

Drink Plenty of Water

A key part of managing energy is staying hydrated. I keep a 25oz water bottle on my desk and make it my goal to drink 10 a day. To some this might seem excessive, but proper hydration will keep your energy levels consistent. I will not vilify caffeine because it has its place, but water is every bit as energizing as coffee without the ill effects that coffee can bring. If you want to be in control of your energy, drink up!

Plan For Sleep

No one gets enough sleep. The biggest reason is that we can always find one more thing to do. One more episode to watch, one more email to send, one more game to play. Plan to get enough sleep by scheduling the time you will shut it down and then create your own end of day ritual. I find giving myself an hour to journal and read allows me to get the minimal amount of sleep for peak performance. I know I could use more, but at what cost? Plan for your sleep so that you have the energy to win the next day.

We have the power to control our energy. It’s up to us to use it. The five tips I list today are a great start toward being awesome. What would you add?

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