Are you on video?

It seems that between Facebook, youtube, snapchat and every other social media platform going right now, videos are the hottest way of promoting yourself online. Fewer people are taking the time to do what you are doing now, and reading blogs and more are watching the videos posted on their newsfeeds and youtube.

If you’re not on video, you’re missing a real marketing opportunity, but only if you do it right. If you’re interested in doing it right, here are my five must follow tips that have previously only been available to my coaching clients.

1. Have Something To Say

This is always the first step to being a good public speaker, and don’t kid yourself, speaking on camera is the same as speaking to a crowd of hundreds. If you are going to take someone’s time, give them value for it. Have something insightful to offer.

2. Be Brief

Video only works if people watch it and no one is going to watch something longer than two minutes. In fact, you’re much better off to be closer to one minute. This makes me think really hard about how I’m going to present my idea because I want to offer value, but do it while being mindful of my time limits.

3. Tell A Story

It doesn’t matter if we’re speaking for an hour or a minute, the story is the part that people grab a hold of. When we have something to say, it’s by wrapping it in a story that makes it digestible to the listener.

4. Write A Script…Then Throw It Away

I always coach my clients to write speeches word for word. Writing forces clarity and it gives us an ability to count words and gauge time. I also coach my clients to NEVER deliver a speech read or memorized word for word. Speaking on video, this concept is just as important. Script yourself. Write your pitch as word perfect as you are able, then, throw it away and tell your story.

5. Start Now

It’s tempting to wait until you have the best lighting, the most expensive camera or a videographer to make you look your best, but don’t wait. We have the technology in our smartphones to record high-quality video. Use it, and get started.

One of my favorite follows on social media is Connor Neil and he has a speech philosophy so simple it’s brilliant: have something to say, say it well and say it with passion. If you keep in mind to start now, script your words, tell a story, and be brief you will say it well, having something to say, and saying it with passion is up to you.

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