Are you a Corporate Athlete?

Every four years, a strange phenomenon takes place as the world comes together, despite our differences, to watch our greatest athlete compete against one another in the Olympic Games.

Athletes train for years for the opportunity to compete to make their dreams of Gold Medals come true and we watch in awe. A select few of us, however, know that we may never be Olympians, but if we do the right things with the right amount of focus, we can become Corporate Athletes.

Not all Corporate Athletes work for corporations, but we share certain traits that allow us to reach an elite level of performance. These traits include:

We Wear A Uniform

Whether it’s the smallest of Speedos or the largest of Fencing Gear, Olympic athletes wear a uniform. In our quest to become elite Corporate Athletes, it’s in our interest to wear one as well.   It might be a suit, it might be more casual, but every industry has a standard. Make your appearance match it. It will set you apart as a professional and require less energy to select your clothes.

We Train For Our Event

Olympians train for years for what sometimes comes down to just a few seconds. Whatever our event, we must also train. We must hone the hard skills of our career; the parts we get paid for. We must know our industries and our products. We must also train those softer skills that get us promoted; our ability to manage ourselves, our calendars, and communicate.

We Train With A Coach

Watch any event at the Olympics, at some point, the camera will pan from the Olympians to their coaches. Olympians train for years to get to the games, but they do it with coaches because practice without feedback is useless.  It might be a manager, it might be a mentor or someone that you hire, but someone needs to give you critical feedback as you train for your career. Someone that can notice the details of your practice can help you chance your habits and hold you accountable and often times this can be the difference between success and failure.

We Eat To Perform

It’s no longer a secret that elite performance and top nutrition go hand in hand. Olympians often have teams of nutritionists and personal chefs preparing their meals to help them perform their best. Most Corporate Athletes aren’t as lucky, making it harder for us to eat to perform. Harder but not impossible. We cannot turn in elite performance if we’re filling up with sugar and junk. I promise you, if you stick to meat and vegetables, you will see an increase in your energy and that will translate to an increase in your performance.

We Know Our Goal

Every Olympian walks through the opening ceremonies with the goal of being a Gold Medalist. Not everyone will achieve this goal, but every one of them knows what they’ve been training for. It isn’t to just show up and be on TV. Corporate Athletes know our goals too and it’s also not just to show up. Knowing your goal will make training bearable., It will make paying the price of doing what is necessary seem like a value. It will set you apart from those who are spectators in their own careers.

The Olympics only come every four years. If athletes miss their opportunity they have to wait. Luckily, we don’t have to wait for our chance. We can start today and begin performing at elite levels tomorrow.

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