I have outlined before my belief that everyone should be writing and putting out content, but I always get pushback that consists of either 1. I don’t have time or 2. I don’t have anything to say.

When I encountered this discussion with a client last week, I realized that I hadn’t shared  the number one key for blog content. Here it is: Write It.

The number one key for blog content is to be consistent with writing content. When people tell me that they don’t have time, I ask what they’ve written. Most of the time, they haven’t, they just use their reason. When they tell me that they have nothing to say, I ask them, what they’ve written and they tell me again that they haven’t. My point is that they don’t know if we have the time or if they have some thing to say because they never try, to begin with.

Being consistent is simple but it isn’t easy. Here are five things I do that keep me consistently writing.

Block The Time

When I wrote about winning the morning, I wrote about the importance of blocking time because what gets scheduled gets done. Block yourself 30 minutes every day to write something. Some times it will be good, a few times it will be great and some times it will be worthless, but do it every day and it gets easier.

Minimize Distraction

20160817_153023-1I write just about every post from this position with this laptop. I have the wifi turned off, I face a wall and I stand up. I do these things because it keeps me focused on the task at hand and allows me to make the most the time I block out.

Keep a List

Google Keep is the best application you aren’t using and this is why a lot of people have nothing to say. Every time an idea hits me, I record it in Keep. If it’s good, I play with it, if it’s bad, I dump it, but I always record it and give it time to live before letting it die from neglect.

Rethink Your Reading List

It is my firm belief that if you have nothing to say its because you aren’t consistently feeding your mind by reading. Start with books, but also checkout the website and mobile application with will help find for you all of the blogs available on any given subject. I’m not advocating  plagiarism, but when we feed our minds, ideas grow.

Expect It of Yourself

Every personal development guru talks about raising our personal standards.  For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what that meant. That was until I started simply expecting more from myself. I do not expect myself to write War and Peace four times a week, but I do expect that I will put my best 500 words together about a topic that I’m passionate about. It happens because I expect it from myself.

I have written before that there are fewer ways for someone to establish themselves as an expert than by posting a blog. I still believe this. Too many people will read this and think that it isn’t for them, but I know that if their fingers could hit the keys with more consistency, they’d amaze themselves with their progress.

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