As I scroll Facebook, I always wonder who clicks on the ‘One Weird Trick” ads. If it worked this time and you clicked, don’t worry, this isn’t as sleazy as it seems.

Two weeks ago, my dad, my brother, and I made a whirlwind, Smokey and the Bandit-like trip to the western side of Iowa to pick up a show steer. Twelve hours there, twelve hours back, nonstop. It was a lot of fun. Until we hit Indianapolis.

In rainy weather, during a bumper to bumper traffic the guy in front of us, stopped short and with my brother behind the wheel of my truck, we rear ended him. The whole front end of my truck needed to be replaced.

My insurance company did a great job getting my tuck in for repairs and the body shop was super to work with but they didn’t have a loaner for me. I was stuck with no transportation for the better part of a week. This small inconvenience forced me to get creative in order to continue keeping my commitments, including a speaking engagement.

Using my creativity, I asked my assistant to drop me off at the library where I was scheduled to speak. I got there early, set up m technology and waited. And waited.

At 11:25, five minutes before my presentation was scheduled to start, I receive a text message from the organizer asking if I were on my way. Apparently, the event was moved to the other side of town and I was left out of the loop. Big Problem because I was without wheels.

It’s a rather embarrassing confession to make to an event planner that you can’t make it to the new location because you can’t drive, but that’s the one I had to make.

“No problem!” she told me “I’ll come get you.”

She showed up, drove me to the correct location and I started my presentation on making the best use of our time 10 minutes late. How’s that for irony? 

My purpose for writing this post wasn’t to demonstrate that every day we have things happen to us that make for great stories that we can use to make larger points, although I could have. My purpose was simply a little entertainment for your Friday.

Oh, and the One Weird Trick For A Successful Speaking Engagement? Simply this: Show up at the right location!

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