Monday, I posted a blog about noticing when you’re stuck. Like all things, recognizing that there’s a problem is always the first step to fixing it. But how do we get ourselves moving again once we’ve noticed that we’re stuck?

To answer this question, we have to realize how we get stuck in the first place. The feeling of being stuck comes from the feeling of stress related to either burnout or overwhelm. We burn ourselves out putting in the effort and not making progress and we get overwhelmed by the flurry of things we need to accomplish. Both feelings leave us stuck.

How Do We Get Moving Again?

Whenever I find myself stuck, I get myself moving again by using a combination of the following remedies:

1. Stop.

Like a truck in the mud, if we don’t stop, we’ll just dig ourselves deeper. Once we notice the symptoms of being stuck, the first step to getting moving again is to just stop.

2. Move In A New Direction

One key way to feel better is to change our physiology. To get ourselves moving again, we need to move in a new direction. Take a walk, go for a run, hit the gym. All ways to clear some of the mental cobwebs that keep us from making progress. Just move.

3. Mind Dump

Earlier this summer I found myself completely overwhelmed and burned out. A mix up in my schedule left me with a two-hour block of time with nothing to do. Taking my journal into the woods, I wrote down everything that was bothering me. I wrote down everything that I felt like I needed to be doing. Just getting it out of my head and onto paper allowed me to make a plan to handle all of it and I left that day moving again. That’s the power of a mind dump.

4. Read

Sometimes the answer to getting moving again lies in the pages of a great book. Taking 15 minutes to fill my mind with the words of history’s brightest minds leaves me feeling energized with new ideas even if I only read something I’ve read 15 times before. New inspiration from a book always gets me moving.

5. Get Grateful

Maybe the most powerful tool in the get moving tool box, taking the time to be grateful for everything going right in my life gives me a renewed sense of energy. It’s impossible to be fearful and grateful at the same time. Choose to gratitude and the freeing feeling with help get you moving again.

Whether it’s a feeling of frustration over our lack of progress or an intimidation over everything we have to get done, we all find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward from time to time. Successful people find a way to get moving again. Unsuccessful people let their feelings keep them stuck. The tools I’ve outlined get me moving. Share which ones you use in the comments section.

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