On Monday, I posted a blog about using humor as a secret weapon in presentations. While it’s a great tool for being likable, it only works if we’re able to project warmth.

Warmth is the feeling that you like the people that you’re talking to and have the desire to help them. It’s an incredible way to make your audience like you, but it’s incredibly hard to fake and nearly impossible to project if you’re scared or nervous.

Projecting Warmth is delicate but there are some tricks that make it easier.

Don’t Fake It

Authenticity is one of the most crucial elements of warmth. It’s impossible to be yourself while trying to be something else. If we try to fake it, our audience will see right through it, and you will never be able to project warmth.

Make Yourself Audience-Centered

We’ve all seen speakers and presenters that make the entire presentation about themselves. It seems as if the reason they step to the front of the room is to tell you how great they are. When we do this, it makes it really difficult to project warmth. Warmth is the feeling that you like your audience and have a desire to help them, talking about ourselves, and making the presentation about us do not allow us to do that.

When we make ourselves audience-centered, we share our stories as the relate to the people we’re speaking to. When we’re audience centered we become more interested in solving their problems than we do meeting own needs to feel important. When we’re audience-centered, we project warmth because it will come across that we really care.

Become Grateful

This is probably the biggest key to projecting warmth. Becoming grateful for everything that’s great in our lives, everything that we have going right for us will help us project warmth. When we become grateful, we become more humble, less arrogant and generally more likable. Becoming grateful will help put us in a mindset that makes us more relatable.

The most important role that gratitude plays is the courage that it inspires. It’s nearly impossible to project warmth when we’re nervous or scared, but it’s impossible to feel nervous or scared and grateful at the same time!


The most effective mindset to establish before a presentation is a mindset that’s authentic and centered on your audience and off of yourself. A mindset full of gratitude for the things that you have and the things that are going right in your life. If we’re authentic and interested in the people we’re talking to while grateful for who are, that’s when we truly project the warmth that makes the connection possible. 

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