This week, somewhat out of character, I have dedicated this blog to subjects of motivation and inspiration. I say somewhat out of character because I don’t consider myself to be a motivational speaker, but instead a trainer in executive image and communication. I have dedicated to writing about these subjects this week, however, because I’ve found being motivated and inspired is a big part of being charismatic and successful.

To wrap up this week of motivation, I wanted to share a video that I stumbled across last week one day. It’s only 2:48 seconds long, but the idea it presents crawled inside of my mind and has stayed planted there. The language is course, and not exactly the way that I would phrase it, but it is none the less inspiring.

My biggest take away from this little video was that I now had a name for the feeling of procrastination that sometimes overwhelms me. How many times I had promised myself something at night only to see myself break that promise in daylight. Calling this feeling Mr. Resistance and giving this feeling a name, though, allows me to label and overcome it when I feel it setting in. In his words, it lets me punch it in the mouth.

Having never been a fan of wrestling, I had no idea who The Ultimate Warrior was until I saw this video, but his message has served an inspiration to me all week and it’s my hope that you will get the same benefit from hearing it.

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