So much of the American economy depends on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re going to be shopping, and want the perfect gift for that special person that has everything (YOU), I have a list of five books that you might consider picking up for the month of December.

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 

I know the title of this book is going to turn some people off. To be honest, the language is coarse at times, but this book is a really great how-to guide to using our attention on the things that truly matter. Blogger Mark Manson makes the point that it’s not caring that’s the problem, but caring too much about too many things. This book came to me at a great time and I highly recommend it for December.

2. Daring Greatly 

I will admit that reading a book about vulnerability literally scared the hell out of me. I don’t do vulnerability. I work really hard to be bulletproof, but Brene Brown uses quantitative research to prove that vulnerability isn’t a weakness, it’s actually great strength. This book is for anyone in the persuasion profession that wants to create a connection with an audience. Vulnerability, I’ve learned through this book is the beginning of authenticity and that’s where our power lies.

3. The Motivation Manifesto

Brendon Burchard has a powerful story to tell. He’s a guy that went broke chasing a dream but made it anyway. All the way to being a world class coach to the likes of Oprah and Usher. The Motivation Manifesto isn’t what it seems. It isn’t all positive thinking, but rather actual actions steps that all of us must do to reclaim the power over our own lives. The best advice I took from this book was using each month of the year as 30 days to focus on one aspect that I need to improve. It’s been powerful.

4. The Confidence Gap

It seems that mindfulness is everywhere right now. Every celebrity, expert or guru is recommending it. This books takes the principles of mindfulness and applies them to the subject of confidence but in a real world way that we can relate to. Using case studies, exercises, and real word experience, Russ Harris teaches us to use our minds to overcome the fears holding us back from achieving our goals.

5. Live It Not Diet

One diet book out of five isn’t a bad ratio. In this book, personal trainer Mike Sheridan gives helpful advice to eat for energy and health using real food. He takes the attitude of not being restrictive but using our goals to motivate us to eat better for a better life. It’s a great read that I knocked out in a weekend and I enjoyed every word.

As you shop today and Monday, keep in mind that feeding your mind is every bit as important as feeding your family. When you do it correctly, the former makes the latter much easier and more enjoyable.

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