Technology can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be a distraction but it can also be a tool depending on how we use it. Here are five simple and free apps that have made a big difference for me this year as I’ve leveraged technology to help me reach my goals:

Google Keep

I have written several posts about the most underrated app that I know of, Google Keep. Some people dismiss it because they want it to be Evernote, but it was never intended to be as robust, it’s awesomeness lies in its simplicity.

I use Google Keep to manage all of my task lists, to plan presentations, for quick notes and reminders and to clear my head. Color coded post-it notes that sit on my desktop, phone and tablet and sync between all devices are incredibly handy. I can’t recommend this app highly enough and if you aren’t using it, you ought to be.


Let me say this first, I suck at meditation. Sitting alone with and focusing on my breath is not something that I am good at and that’s why I’ve had so much resistance to trying it. Then I found Calm. It’s a very simple app with guided meditations that will help you both learn to meditate and track your progress.

Every personal development book written so far this year has mentioned mindfulness as a major key to success. With so much hype, I knew I had to at least try it. I’m still not very good at it, but Calm has made the process a lot easier to practice/


Think about the huge list of things that we know we should do every day yet somehow can’t get around to. This is how I felt about journaling, tracking my workouts and logging my meals. That’s when I discovered Coach.Me. It’s a very simple app that tracks your progress with any goal you enter, gives you daily reminders and gives you credit for building a streak.

The biggest thing that has ever held me back with some of my small disciplines has been a lack of accountability. Coach.Me gives me the accountability I need and keeps me moving in the direction of my goals.


I love YoutTube. I love how there are so many awesome lectures, books, songs and speakers that we can access for free. What I don’t love about YouTube is that unless you pay for YouTube Red, you can’t do something else while the video is playing. Enter a simple solution: Audiopocket.

All I have to do is find the video that I want to listen to, hit the share button and send it to Audiopocket. This awesome app converts the video to an audio file and streams it to my device, giving the flexibility to listen to any YouTube video while I drive, work or workout. It’s a great app that allows me to listen to whatever I want, whenever I want and it’s free.


As I’ve mentioned before, Journaling is an important discipline to develop. While some people love a pen and paper, I much prefer to type my thoughts. Journey is a terrific app that seamlessly syncs between multiple devices and allows for tagging, filing and sorting to keep things orderly.

I for years had used Diario, but could not for the life of me to get it to sync. Journey uses Google Drive which means its as reliable as it gets. It even allows me to store my template and hit the same points every day. It’s a wonderfully simple free app that’s made a difference for me.

Technology can be a blessing and a curse. I choose to use its powers for good and bend it to fit my needs. These are the best five apps I’ve used this year, in the comments section, tell us what’s been best for you and we can learn together.


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