This week, I’ve spent a great deal of time looking back on 2016. Monday, I highlighted the three biggest lessons I learned this year.On Wednesday, I featured the top five apps I used in 2016, but today, I look forward to the ten most important things we can do to build better personal brands in 2017.

Make A Plan

The most important step to take for a better personal brand in 2016 is making a plan. I love Brendon Burchard’s approach of focusing on developing a different skill every month. This requires making a plan before 2017 starts assigning the skill to the month.

Hire A Coach

What good coaching does, more than anything is force clarity. When we’re clear about who we are, we have a much better idea of how to authentically build our brand. If you’re looking for a coach, I cannot recommend my friend Christy Shell any higher. She’s awesome and can help bring out the best in anyone. Find her at

Commit To Using One Tool For A Calendar

This seems like a really small thing, but getting all of our commitments out our heads and into one place we can trust to look will save mental energy for battles that matter.

Buy A Journal

One of the biggest keys to a great personal brand is self-confidence. One of the best ways to build and maintain more confidence is having goals and plans. If we’re writing our goals every day, we keep them fresh in our minds and build the kind of confidence that inspires it in others.

Schedule An Hour Each Day To Read

By picking great books, trade journals, blogs and newsletters, and blocking time on on calendars to build our knowledge base, we can further establish ourselves as experts. Block out the hour and see your reputation grow.

Buy A Great Pen

My mentor told me to buy the best pen I could afford. It’s not to impress others, but to remind myself every time I take a note that I’m a professional. Having a great pen in your pocket will inspire you to take more notes and feel better when you do.

Commit To Writing Once A Week

Like great coaching, writing forces clarity. More than that, however, it helps to establish credibility as an expert. Use LinkedIn, your own blog or your company website, but commit to putting out one piece of content every week.

Invest in Communication Training

I have found that very few things will help set us apart from our competition more than being an effective public speaker. This isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. If it doesn’t for you, get professional help and make your presentations a key part of building a better brand.

Join Toastmasters

What I get from Toastmasters is a guaranteed audience to practice in front of and safe place to fail with instant feedback. After getting professional help, get your stage time and join Toastmasters.

Develop A Uniform

Walk through the cereal aisle with a child and we quickly see how important packaging is to a brand. How we look helps to build our brand because it’s a huge part of our image, both how others see us and more importantly, how we see ourselves. Develop a signature look and stick to it as a uniform. The consistency will further a reputation and help build a better brand.

My top ten list might not be complete and total, but it’s a good start for building a better brand in 2017. If I missed one, please tell me about it in the comments below.


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