On my first day at The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!), my first assignment was an essay on the subject of what I wanted to do when I left school. It was a simple assignment where we were supposed to write two pages about our future plans.

I wrote ten.

I wrote so much not because I was eager to impress my professor or because I’m naturally long-winded but because there was so much that I truly wanted to do with my life.

I remember that essay very well because I outlined that I wanted to work in the ag industry, I wanted to teach, I wanted to run for office and I wanted to speak. When I wrote that essay, I never thought that I’d end up doing it all at once.

16 years later, I’ve learned to embrace the / Slash as I own cows with my brother / Lead a Youth In Government  Program with my local YMCA / Serve on City Council / Lead a Nonprofit / Speak / Train and Coach and the honest truth is, I can’t imagine being fulfilled not doing any one of these things.

I will admit that it makes for a hectic schedule and I’m not always as great as I’d like to be at all of them, but it’s been by Embracing My / Slash that I’ve carved out a place for myself.

It was Henry David Thoreau that observed ‘that most men lead lives of quiet desperation” I have no doubt that this is true, but I think it’s because there aren’t enough of us fully Embracing the / Slash. We all have responsibilities and it’s often impossible for us to just drop everything and chase our dreams. But that doesn’t mean that those dreams must die. I’m a firm believer that if there’s something we want to do, we must start now and we must start where we are.

I’ve been inspired this year by Janna, a personal trainer that has Embraced Her / Slash and worked at photography, Kevin a radio host that has Embraced His / Slash and worked at nutritional coaching and Amanda, a realtor that has Embraced Her / Slash and opened a staging business. These are people that want more out of life and aren’t willing to wait for it to happen to them, they’re making it happen for themselves, where they are.

These are just a few examples of how the world is changing. There was a time when having more than one career was so taboo that people kept it hidden, but that’s no longer the case. Now is the time to do what we love, even if it means doing more than one thing. Let 2017 be the year you Embrace Your / Slash.

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