Without question, my favorite holiday of the year is New Year’s Eve / Day. Not because I want to treat it as a party or because I’m looking for a fresh start but because it is simply the greatest two days to be a college football fan!

This afternoon, Alabama and Washington will play the first playoff game and then my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes will endure a titanic struggle with the University of Clemson. I truly can’t wait!

It seems like a lifetime ago since the final four playoff teams were announced, but on that selection Sunday, a lot was made of the way teams were selected.

Because Washington made it, experts wondered, does this mean that nonconference schedules don’t matter and that teams should just focus on winning their conference?

Because Ohio State made it, those same experts wondered, does this mean that conference championships don’t matter and teams just need to play tough nonconference games?

Who’s right? Neither.

Want to be in the playoff? The recipe is simple; Be Great.  Dominate the teams in front of you and leave no question in the minds of anyone that you belong there. (that’s how Alabama got in)

There’s a huge lesson from this that can be applied to professional life. If we want to be selected, if we want to stand out and if we want to make the playoff of our lives, all we have to do is be great.

Want to be in the playoff? The recipe is simple; Be Great.  Tweet This!


We must dominate the obstacles in front of us and leave no question in minds of anyone that we belong there. Beginning with ourselves.

When we show up and dominate and look like we belong, it doesn’t matter how weak our competition is, people will take notice because we pass the eye test. Those that don’t get selected may question if we belong and what the qualifications actually mean, but if we’re in, it doesn’t matter.

Let 2017 be the year you choose to be great. Convince yourself that you’re ready to be dominate and leave no question in the minds of anyone that you belong. This is your year, go make it happen.

Oh yeah, and GO BUCKS!


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