Welcome to 2017! It really is awesome to start a new year with big new goals and I’m hopeful that one of yours is to join The Slash/Economy and begin pursuing your passion along with padding your pocket this year.

Last year, I talked with a lot of people that really wanted to start doing something else but had a lot of reasons why they couldn’t. If you’re one of them, it’s time to slay your excuses and join The Slash/ Economy.

I Have an Idea, But It Needs Work

This person is waiting for perfection to start. That never happens. Apple spends millions developing new products that constantly need to be improved. They release them anyway because they know they can always fix it later. This doesn’t mean that preparation isn’t important, but over preparation is a killer.

I let this hold me back for years. I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to act on but because none of them seemed perfect, I waited and nothing happened. When we start, we start to make thins happen that will improve our ideas, but we absolutely must start.

The Timing Isn’t Right

When my kids are grown, when I retire, when I don’t have a mortgage….all of these are excuses to wait. Some of them legitimate, but the fact remains that there will always be something and the timing will never be right. Using this excuse just delays the eventual rewards of starting anyway.

Your talent doesn’t have to wait until your out of school, out of the workforce or out of parenthood. Start anyway, create your own timing and watch as everything else improves around it.

I Don’t Have Time

This is the most over played hand in the history of excuses. Agreed, there are only 24 hours in the day, but it’s amazing to me how we can always find time for things we care about.

If you’re using this excuse, you need to realize first that either you run your day or your day runs you. I don’t buy time management, but I do buy self-management and most of us need to simply do it better. It might mean getting up an hour earlier, it might mean using your lunch break, or it could mean actually scheduling your day like a professional to free up time currently being wasted and use toward creating a fulfilling and rewarding life.

It’s January 2, 2017. That means we’ve already lost two days. If you want to join The Slash/Economy this year, please understand that it will never be perfect, the timing will never be right and you do have time. You just have to start and figure out the rest as you go. You can do this, and I want to help. Let’s make it happen.

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