On Monday, I posted about Slaying Our Excuses in 2017 and I listed the three that I hear most frequently. A legitimate excuse that I didn’t mention, however, was not knowing where to start. That’s why I wrote Wednesday’s post about Starting With LinkedIn, but I was unable to fit all of my thoughts into one post hence today’s Part 2.

As I stated Wednesday, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start because it combines so many great elements into one trusted place. Using it correctly, however, requires work. Here are three more useful tips to make the most out of your LinkedIn presence.

Proudly Display Your /Slash

On a LinkedIn profile, the professional headline gives us the option to display our job title however we chose to. This is our opportunity to proudly display our / Slash for everyone to see. 

This is often one of the first things people will see when they visit a profile, making it a critical component If you’re serious about Embracing Your /Slash. Listing both of your careers will enhance your ability to be found by future connections while letting your current ones know about both of your passions. Rather than having more than one profile, or choosing which to highlight, proudly display your /Slash and list them both.

Link Up and Connect

Using LinkedIn as the networking tool that it’s intended to be, requires that we link up with people that we know and want to meet.

A lot of articles about LinkedIn suggest that you only send connection requests to people that you know. While this is technically a LinkedIn suggestion, I recommend bending this rule to increase its value.

If there’s someone you want to meet, a person that you want to get in contact with or a prospect that you cannot find somewhere else, I say send them the request. Just be honest about it. Often times when you click on a possible connection it will ask how you know the person. If I don’t know them but want to, I select Friend and in the box where I can customize a message, I include the following: “I don’t know you, but I would like to, can we connect?” If I have followed them and I’m familiar with their work, I tell them so. This is an honest approach to making the networking power of LinkedIn work for us.

Publish Articles

The blog aspect of LinkedIn is one of the most undervalued assets on the network. If you don’t have a personal blog, LinkedIn provides the opportunity to use one and it’s shared on your profile.

What I really love about the Publish an Article feature is that your network is notified when you use it. This feature alone keeps me coming back even though I have my own website and blog because my connections will be notified every time I publish something new and if they like it, it’s displayed on their feed for their connection to see.

One of the quickest ways to establish yourself as an expert in your industry is to publish content. Being able to do it in a space where our clients, prospects coworkers and superiors will be notified that you’ve posted it, makes is an even bigger in. Just remember to follow the ABC’s of LinkedIn posts.

  1. Add Value. Your posts should help someone solve a problem
  2. Be consistent. Publish at minimum once per week
  3. Consolidate thoughts. Keep your articles in the 500-word range and they’re more likely to be read. 


The excuse of not knowing where to start is often a valid one. We have so many options that its hard to pick one and run with it, but for my money, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start. There is simply no better place to display your /Slash, build a network or publish content. It’s a great tool, we just have to put it to work.

If we’re not connected on LinkedIn, please find me here and send me a request.



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