Certain things strike me as funny. My five-year-old daughter using words she doesn’t understand, duckbilled platypuses (if that’s even the right plural) and people that love New Year’s but hate Mondays. These things are funny because to me, they don’t make sense.

When my daughter is frustrated and she says “Donald Trump!” not knowing exactly what that means, I can’t understand her but I laugh.

When I see a duckbilled platypus on tv, it makes me laugh because I don’t know if it’s a bird or a mammal. I just don’t understand.

When someone stays up all night to scream “Happy New Year” because they’re excited about the opportunity of a fresh start, yet can’t see that every Monday we get the same thing, I simply don’t understand. 

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you set a goal or two for 2017. Since this is only the second Monday of the year, I’m sure you’re probably still excited about it. Most people do great in the month of January because they’re riding the momentum that a new year brings. By March, however, that momentum has stopped and those goals get given up on.

What if there were a way to ride a new wave of momentum every week? What if instead of setting a few big goals every December, we set 52 smaller ones every Sunday; mini goals that move us in the direction of those big ones? What if we treated every Monday as it’s own new year?

Monday has always been my favorite day of the week. Instead of looking at it with dread, I see it as a new opportunity to make things happen. It’s another fresh start.

Sadly, I’m in the minority as most of the people I see either in person or online, don’t share my sense of excitement for Monday morning. It’s my guess that it’s because these people don’t approach each Monday as it’s own New Year, complete with its own challenges and exciting new goals to conquer.

The person looking to drop inches from their waist might set a big yearly goal, but having an activity based goal for each week can keep them motivated and feeling progress. The person with the ambitious income goal can get there easier if they set an activity goal every week to work toward.

I love big goals with complete action plans to start every year. They help us make progress, push us to our best and stretch us to our potential. But treating every Monday as it’s own new year, with its own set of goals and resolutions can keep us engaged, motivated and moving in the right direction.

As you look at your big goals for 2017, consider finding an activity goal to set every Monday and treat it as a New Year. Just don’t pop champagne and blow the party horn, Mariah won’t be there to ruin it anyway.



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