Can you believe we’re starting the last full week of the month?

It seems like only yesterday that I went to bed angry that my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes were shut out by the eventual National Champion Clemson Tigers in depressing fashion. In the blink of an eye, a month of this year is almost gone.

But Not Yet.

My first post of 2017 was about slaying our excuses, getting started and figuring it out as we go. A month later, I’m curious how it’s going.

I’m curious because, in my experience, starting is the easy part. We’ve all started blogs and stopped after a few posts, or started a new diet and stopped when a coworker brings cake, or in my case, started a dream job and quit when it got hard.

Last week, I posted this card. It held some special meaning to me and I wanted to share it, but it wasn’t until later that night that I got to thinking about failing at something I loved, that I remembered again why that happened. I started. I put in all of the work that it took to get the job, but like a late September call up who finally gets his shot in the bigs, I didn’t start every day. I blew my chance and let frustration over take me.

In this last full week of January, I am hopeful that you, dear reader will learn from my mistake. Yes, given the choice between failing at something I love and something I don’t, I’d choose love, but the best option is to not fail at all. Yes, we must start and figure out the rest as we go, but that means starting every day thereafter too, no matter how hard it gets. I didn’t, and it’s been a long road back.

This is where I believe that setting new, activity-based resolutions every week, plays such a crucial role. It forces us to start every week as if it were the new year and ride the momentum that we feel that first week all the way through to the last.

It’s especially important to those of us in the Slash/Economy to start, but also, to keep starting. Because it takes time and persistence to make a career out of something we’re driven by. I believe with every fiber of my being that it’s time well spent, but to do it, we have to keep showing up.

I can’t believe one month is already gone. We’ve only got 11 more to build our dreams and make this our best year yet. If you haven’t yet, start. If you’ve started, don’t quit and start again tomorrow. That’s the price required to avoid the feelings of regret that I felt about that quote. Some days it seems high but doesn’t hurt nearly as bad.

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