I’ve written before that this blog is my attempts at solving problems in my own life. Whenever I have a tough problem, I know two things:

1. Writing forces research and clarity.

2. I’m not the only person looking for a solution.

Knowing this, whenever I’m trying to solve a tough problem, I start writing, looking for answers and hoping that my struggle can either be avoided by someone else or at the very least, help them through their issue.

This is a rather lengthy way of introducing where today’s blog and this week’s theme come from. Monday, I mentioned that it was not starting every day that led to my failing at my dream job. Fitting into that theme is the temptation to stop improving once we’ve started.

This website is a great example of this issue. I made a lot of excuses before I sucked it up and started. When I did, I followed my own advice and didn’t let the quest for perfection hold me back. I moved quickly and put together my best work knowing that I could always figure out the rest as I went.

But I didn’t. I stopped.

I have found that this is a common theme for a lot of us. We make excuses as to why we can’t start, we slay those excuses, start and then the resistance stops our progress.

My challenge was that I looked at my website as a task to be completed rather than a process that never ended. I couldn’t just start, I had to keep checking in, working at it and tweaking. While at first blush, this seems discouraging, it hasn’t been because I care very deeply about the outcome.

This is where I found the solution that I was searching for: Passion can drive Process.

I don’t love working on my site. A lot of the parts of building and creating a website make my eyes glaze over. It can be tedious and boring. But I love sharing content. I love to speak and to train. My passion for doing those things, drives my process to improve the things I don’t enjoy as much.

In trying to solve my own problem of starting every day, I’ve learned that for me, the first step is shifting my perspective; to look at my goals as a process rather than a destination. The second step to use my passion for outcomes to drive the process that creates them and continue to put in the work.

I write to solve my own problems knowing that the research and clarity will help me find a solution. Following these steps keep me committed. If you struggle at all with the cycle of starting and stopping, I hope it works as well for you.

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