Like millions of other Americans, I over indulged on food over the holidays. Given my history, one would think that I would be smarter than to do that because it never ends well. When I ripped a suit I knew I had to do something.

Like millions of other Americans, I decided to clean up my diet with the new year. I had been consistently hitting the gym, but you can’t out train a bad diet, so fixing my problem meant fixing what I put in my mouth.

I haven’t enjoyed it.

I don’t like eating breakfast. I don’t like logging my food. I don’t like the added work to my training program and I miss ice cream.

I have not enjoyed it to the point that I earlier this week, I was ready to blow off my workout, sit down on the couch with a pint of Graeters and binge on Netflix.

Just when I was about to give up, I found win; the suit that I ripped out, fit.

When that jacket fit, suddenly all of those eggs, hours staring at myfitnesspal, heavy farmers walks and Saturday nights watching the family eat ice cream without me, were worth it. I had a win, with a win, I found more discipline.

Why did I just take your time sharing this very personal story of my body composition struggles?

Because it fits with this week’s theme. Once we get started, it can be a grind to keep going. It’s not always fun and sometimes we have to do things we hate to keep going. Some times we have to give up the ice cream, but all it takes it one win to find more discipline. One win that builds the momentum to keep going.

Sometimes those wins are small. It’s promising yourself that you’d write one blog post this week and you do it. It’s promising yourself that you’d book an appointment and you follow through. Other times, those wins are bigger, like when you’re favorite suit fits again. It doesn’t matter how big or small the win is, the fact that you have one is enough.

At this point, I’m reminded of my grandfather who used to tell me to thank God for small victories because often times, they’re the only ones we ever get.

Once again, this is where having a new activity based goal every week that puts us closer to our bigger goals is a winning strategy. With an activity based goal, you either do it or you don’t and if you do it, you have a win. With one win and the discipline that brings, we can set ourselves up for the next one and the next one until success is inevitable.

Try this formula and tell me how it works: Start. Keep Starting. Shift Perspective. Allow Passion to Drive Process. Find A Win, Ride the Momentum and repeat. From my experience, it’s a formula to win, that’s a start. 


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