If the world feels like a better place today, that’s because it is. It’s opening day in Cincinnati. Baseball is back, Marty’s on the radio and hope springs eternal once again. There are a lot of reason that I love baseball, but the biggest one is that it’s the game that best mirrors life.

You Have To Swing The Bat

There’s one baseball player that everyone has heard of. Babe Ruth. He was the homerun king for most of the 20th Century. He also struck out more frequently than he hit home runs. It didn’t stop him. He still showed up and give his best swing.

In life, we have to step to the plate and swing the bat to make anything happen. We can study, plan and prepare as much as we want but if we leave the bat on our shoulder, we’ll never get a hit. Simply put, we have to try.

It’s Mostly Sprints And Rests

The bases in baseball at 90 feet apart. It isn’t very often that a player has to run more than that before they get to rest. They hit the ball, run 90 feet and rest until someone else hits the ball and they can run another 90 feet and if they’re safe, they can rest before they have to sprint again.

Much of the life is made up of sprints the rests. The most successful people I know are able to work incredibly hard for short bursts, rest and then sprint again. They focus on the task before them, their 90 feet. They run it as hard they can and then rest until its time to sprint again.

Consistency Counts

Homerun hitters are great, but teams are built around people that can put the ball in play consistently. A hitter with a .300 and 10 home runs is more valuable than the one hitting .240 with 20 home runs. One is consistent and makes things happen by putting the ball in play while the other hits more home runs, but is a lot less reliable.

In life, home runs are great and we all like them, but there’s more value in being consistent. We all know people who can turn in one good month, but it happens once a quarter. These people are homerun hitters, when they hit the ball, it goes a long way. They will be beaten by singles hitters that turn in a solid performance every month, no matter what. In baseball and business, consistency counts.

If the world seems like a better place to day, it’s because it is. Opening Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. I love it because I’m reminded again that I have to swing the bat, be prepared to sprint and consistently put the work in. Baseball is a lot like life. Life is the only game more rewarding.


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