I still can’t believe baseball season is finally here. I will be the first to admit that I watch more television when the Reds are playing, but I still make time to get my books in. Here are the best books that I read or listened to in the month of March:

How To Think Like Leonardo DaVinci

During my Smart Work program, I make the point that our minds are for having ideas not storing them. It’s a concept that I learned from David Allen, who apparently learned it from Leonardo Da Vinci.

What I appreciated the most about Michael Geib’s book is that digs deep into the history of Da Vinci to make it half biography and half how-to manual. One of the most important lessons is to always carry a notebook so that no ideas can get past you. I live it and I love it.

Conversational Confidence

This was an old audio program that was recommended to me and I’m glad I took the time to listen. When I say old, the program feels dated, but the principles still apply.

Leil Lowndes fills her program with great insights on how to make a good first impression, how to work a party like a politician works a room, how to deal with difficult people and how to use your voice like a professional speaker. It’s all valuable content that makes some very stale references worth it.


To Sell Is Human

This is probably my favorite book of the month. It’s both entertaining and insightful with a ton of valuable advice. One of my biggest takeaways came early in the book when Daniel Pink introduced the idea of possibility thinking with inquisitive self-talk; asking can I do it? rather than stating the yes or no to that question. It’s a trick that I have employed since. You read more about my experience here.

By far the most entertaining part of the book to me, however, was the story of the last Fuller Brush Man. Having no memory of a neighborhood Fuller Man as a kid, it was a comical, inspiring and sometimes sad story that made the whole book work.

Organizing Tomorrow Today

Since I am always looking for ways to sharpen my skills and better organize my ideas, I was excited to read a book called Organizing Tomorrow Today. It didn’t let me down.

Dr. Jason Selk and Tom Bartow bring an interesting mix of sports psychology and business consulting to make this book full of great advice. My big take away way to go one step beyond my top 3 targets that I set every day and set one bigger target on top of them. The idea of planning your day a day in advance has merit as well. I look forward to giving their advice the experiment they deserve.

April will be a tough month to read as the weather will begin to call us outside and for me anyway, baseball will beckon on TV. That’s no excuse to backslide now, however, and this with this reading list, there is plenty to learn.

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