One of my favorite movie scenes comes from the film Up in The Air. It’s a very underrated movie anyway, but in a brilliantly acted scene, George Clooney has to fire J.K. Simmons. Simmons doesn’t get emotional, he just holds up a picture of his kids and asks, “what do you suggest I tell them.”

Clooney’s response is golden.

I bring all of this up to ask you, how much much are they paying you to give up on your dream?

Sure, you’re not being fired; today anyway, but are you doing what truly make you happy? Are you doing something every day that fulfills you, gives you energy and makes you happy? Or are you doing what is reasonable and realistic?

There really are two types of people that show up for work every day. Those who derive most of their satisfaction in life from their work and those who derive most of theirs from their nonworking hours. If you fall into camp two, realistic and reasonable work is fine for you. You can show up and do anything because you want to put in your eight hours and be done. You’re going to go home and play to be happy. Nothing wrong and no shame. These are happy people.

If you live in camp one, however, realistic and reasonable work is a recipe for depression. These kinds of people need to be inspired by their work. The idea of an eight-hour workday is laughable because when they’re working, they’re happy. Here’s the rub, though. Just like there’s nothing wrong with being in the above group, there’s noting wrong with this one either, but this group gets called names. They call us workaholics, and uptight. They’re always telling us that we should work to live, not live to work. They want us to be realistic and reasonable just as they are.

These are the people that this post was intended for. The ones that are striving but struggling with people telling them to stop. Don’t listen and don’t give up. If you want to be great and do great things, we have to be wiling to peruse unrealistic goals and be unreasonable in our approach to getting them.

We can be reasonable and we can be realistic. We can even fool ourselves into thinking that the money is worth it. That’s until we’re sitting across the table from Clooney and we realize that realistic and reasonable has risk too as we’re fired from the safe job without ever chasing our passions. It’s in that moment that we realize if we can lose anyway, we may as well lose playing the game we enjoy. The great news is it isn’t too late to star today.

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