Monday’s blog post was delayed this week because life got in the way. In that post, I wrote about being unreasonable and unrealistic when chasing our dreams. This week, my wife Carrie and I saw one of ours come true and it happened not because we were reasonable and not because we were realistic, but because we were relentless.

This week, Carrie and I moved into our dream house, completing one of the most unlikely comebacks in the history of life and relentless is the only word that can adequately describe the way we got here.

Never mind the fact that several times along the way of selling our home it looked as if it wasn’t going to work. Never mind the fact that someone else put an offer on our dream house while we were under contract. Never mind the fact that there were dark moments along way, we relentlessly stayed on our path and this week, we’re moving in. It might seem like that’s a nice little story and in some respects, it is, but there’s a reason I said never mind these little hiccups that make every real estate deal complicated. The real story is that there had been a time when living this dream seemed as if it were completely unreasonable and unrealistic.

Once upon a time, I chased my dream and I lost. The timing wasn’t right on my dream job in a lot of ways; the economy, my maturity and my life experience, but I chased the dream anyway and almost lost everything. Our house was foreclosed on, our car was repossessed and our power was turned off. Carrie and I talked a lot this last week about the memories we’re leaving behind at our old house with the kids first steps, first teeth and bicycle riding, but we’re also leaving behind delinquent bill notices and meeting the sheriff’s deputy at the door to accept notice of the public auction we only narrowly escaped.

All of this time, people were telling me to be reasonable and to be realistic. Don’t get me wrong, I needed to take care of my family, but my dreams were every bit as important to me as my house. I had to become relentless. I had to change direction without changing the result. I had to take everything that these life experiences taught me and use the lessons to build something stronger. It was an all out fight, but it was one that I was committed to winning.

During this same time period, one of Carrie’s coworkers tried to comfort her by saying that she couldn’t explain why, but one day, after struggling for years, people just one day find themselves with money. This conversation is something that we joke about a lot because from the outside, it might seem like that’s what happened to us, but inside, we know that we fought and clawed, and kept true to our vision in order to get here. Together we were unreasonable, unrealistic and relentless and this week, it paid off.

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