Since it’s the first Friday of the month, it must be time to update your reading list! I’m sure I’m not alone in being amazed that’s May already, but as the weather turns warm and our attention turns toward the outdoors, I have a list of books that I read in April that I would highly recommend for others to pick up.

How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle

Ok, I know it sounds hokey, but trust me, this is actually a decent book and an even better audio program. This might be one of the books that I would credit most with shaping my worldview, especially as it relates to image.

Paul Kyraizi writes an entertaining if dated, autobiography and how-to manual for living the kind of life we watch in the movies. Some parts I like better than others, but I do really enjoy the story and think that there is a lot of merit to the advice. If nothing else, it’s fun.

How To Deal With Different, Diverse and Difficult People

This is a Skillpath Audio production and I absolutely loved it! There was so much really good advice put into this program about relating to people on a personal level that it’s a must listen to for virtually everyone.

Barbara Braunstein is an excellent presenter who, in the program presents some very power ideas about working with different personality types, different generations, and different genders. It is a value for work or at home and I can’t recommend it enough.

Simple Courage

I admit upfront that I did not read this book as it was intended. It is comprised of 52 essays that teach 5 separate lessons which are intended to be read one per week for a year. Who has time for that?

That said, this book has a lot of really solid ideas that are practical for anyone hoping to chart their own course in life. The main premise is that it takes courage to live our authentic lives, this book is a how-to guide to get there, even if you read it all at once.

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

For the longest time, I stopped talking about this book because everyone else was, but it is one of the three books that I read all over again every year. ( How To Win Friends And Influence People and Think and Grow Rich are the other two.) There is just so much to be learned from it that I keep going back.

Stephen Covey laid together the seven habits that all effective people share. It was the business book of the 1990’s and it really hasn’t cooled off. If there were one habit that I wish we could teach the world it would be Habit Five, Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood. The entire book though is worth reading again and again. If you have a long trip, I highly recommend using it in your car because the audio version is equally strong.



May will no doubt be a busy month. This list can help you make the most of it. What should I be reading? Let me know in the comments section.

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