You may have noticed I write about my barn a lot. Last week my brother called me obsessed and I took that as the highest compliment he could give me. I love spending time out there and I love working with our show steers. Showing cattle is fun and it’s one of the parts of my life that I really truly enjoy. To be honest, though, I’m not awesome at it. I love it, but if I had to make a living doing it, I would probably starve to death and that would be bad.

Do you know what I’m really awesome at though? Demolition. I can tear things apart with the best of them. When we were remodeling our barn, the part I really excelled at was pulling nails and knocking apart walls. I’m really good at it and I kind of enjoy it but I don’t love it. Someone might pay me to do it, but it would lose its fun pretty quickly and I would grow it hate it and that too would be bad.

This to me is one of the fascinating parts of life: Figuring out what we love, what we’re awesome at and what people would pay us to do. We can make a living doing virtually anything, but when we work in our sweet spot, that spot where all three of these overlap, we’re happiest, most fulfilled and make the most money. It’s the ultimate jigsaw puzzle of life to figure out.

In order to get here though, we have to ask ourselves some tough questions and work really hard to find the answers. We have to stop and ask ourselves what it is that we truly love to do. What is it in life that we would be happy doing every day even if we had to do it for free? Some people can never get past this first question. They’ve never actually thought about what it is that makes them happy. If we don’t ask, we’ll never find it.

We also must ask ourselves the question of what are we awesome at? If these two things are the same, you’re in really good shape! A lot of us aren’t this lucky. We have to really think about what it is that we really excel at, even if its, not something that we love doing. What is it that we do better than anyone else we know? It’s a hard question, but an important step in finding the sweet spot.

Finally, we have to ask what people will pay us to do. How can we take what we love and what we’re awesome at and make a living doing it? There are people who have figured this out and they’re the rich ones. Rich in spirit, rich in happiness and rich with money. They’re living in the sweet spot.

I get kind of tired of speakers telling us to do what we love. If it were that easy, we’d all be doing it. Instead, we have to labor hard and think about what we love, what we’re awesome at and what people will pay us to do. Until we get there, we have to keep looking for the sweet spot.

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