Is there a harder day to work than the first day back after a four day weekend? It’s hard to focus, it’s hard to find a rhythm and hard to get the ball rolling again. Momentum has stopped and now we have to pick it up and get it moving again. I love it!

What I don’t love are the conversations I overhear and about how we only have to get through three more days and we get another weekend. I don’t love those conversations. In fact, they downright make me mad. We spend more time at work than we do with our families and if the whole idea is to tolerate it until we can get to the next weekend, we’re following a recipe for total boredom. Since my number one rule in life is to not be boring, let’s dig a little deeper about what these conversations mean.

Are You Unhappy With Your Job?

Honest question. Are you unhappy with your work? If the answer is yes, why? Do you feel stuck? Are you bored? Are you just unhappy with your performance? I’m not so naive as to think that everyone jumps out of bed on Monday morning excited to get to work, but if the bigger question that needs to be asked is if you’re unhappy, why are you still there? You could change jobs, but it would probably only be a matter of time before you’re unhappy at the next one. If you change yourself, however, you can build the skills to be happy anywhere.

Are You Working A Job or Building A Career?

There is a subtle difference between the two of these things and it all comes down to mindset. I have jobs that I have hated. I used to spend my evenings scraping hog manure through slatted floors. This was a job and it wasn’t fun but it gave me some valuable experience; I learned that I don’t want to scrape hog manure my whole life. My point is this, any job can be an important career building move if you make the best use of it. Working a job sucks, building a career is rewarding and energizing. What skills are you building in your current work that you can use in your dream job? When you answer this question, weekdays become fun too.

What Would You Rather Be Doing?

Of all of the questions, this may be the most important. Almost everyone I know would rather be doing something other than what they are currently getting paid for. If this describes you, what are you waiting for? If there’s something you would rather be doing, you should start today. This doesn’t mean quit your job, it means to begin working on your /Slash and start feeding your soul and not just your family. If you want to write, then start writing. If you want to speak, then start speaking. If you want to repair computers, start doing whatever a computer repair person does. When we find what we would rather be doing and actually work it, we find something to get excited about and suddenly weekends lose their luster.

I loved my four day weekend. I had the opportunity to spend time with my family and I accomplished a lot in my barn. I had a lot of fun and it was awesome to have a break. But the break is over. It’s time to get back to hustling and I’m doing a lot more than just looking forward to my next weekend.

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