What will you do this weekend? This is a simple question that most people throw around as small talk, but the two days we spend away from work might be two of the most important if we use them correctly. if your plans include using substances to black yourself out, here’s a little tip…you’re doing it wrong. The good news is, however, that there is a blueprint prepared for a great weekend, we just have to follow it.

In her wonderful book What Successful People Do On The Weekend, Laura Vanderkam lays out some the keys to spending our off hours in a way that allows us to better use our working ones. Her study has revealed that successful people do the following with their weekends:

They Unplug

I guess it’s not good for us to be with our phones 24/7 or something? I don’t know I tried it once and I actually survived. Ok all jokes aside, having some time when we’re not glued to our devices is a great way to recharge. Even if it’s just for a few hours on a Sunday morning, getting unplugged can help us reimagine our lives and careers and it just might lead to the next key.

They Reconnect With The Important People In Their Lives

In my house, it’s really hard for my wife and me to have a meaningful conversation through the week. With packed schedules and kids activities, we find ourselves in survival mode. That’s why weekends are so important. It’s a time when we can actually talk and enjoy one another’s company. Chances are good, you’re a busy person. it’s what makes you successful.Be sure you’re using your weekends to connect with those who are as invested in your success as you are.

They Engage In A Hobby

I’m not going to lie, all of my good ideas come to me in the barn. It’s my happy place that allows my mind to relax and generate new ideas. Working in my barn is my hobby. Successful people find a way to engage in activities that allow them to be creative and use parts of their brain that they don’t use Monday through Friday. It might be gardening, it could be golf, whatever it is, pursue it and use your time to experience something you enjoy outside of work.

They Plan For The Week Ahead

It amazes me how much more productive I can be on a Monday morning if I have taken the time to make a game plan Sunday night. Planning crystallizes my thinking and prepares me for what lies ahead. if your idea is to leave it all go until Monday, you end up in a cycle of catch up and living for the next weekend. That’s a recipe for unhappiness. Every battle is won before it’s fought and every successful week is planned during the weekend.

What will you do this weekend? Too many people I know will use their two days to try and escape from the other five and wake up Monday morning hungover and in debt. The successful ones will unplug, reconnect, pursue a hobby and make a plan. The choice is yours, I just hope you choose wisely.

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