Last year, during what I always refer to as the most awesome week of the year, Auglaize County Fair week, I sat with my wife under our tent embarrassed of our situation. We had made it through our sons first year showing steers at the fair but it was a real struggle. We kept our cattle at my parents’ house because we lived in town. We hauled them to the fairgrounds in a rusted out trailer way too small for all of our stock. We were borrowing everyone’s equipment trying to get by while using some of the same tools I had used when I showed nearly twenty years ago. We wanted it to be fun, but it was hard for both of us because we wanted better for our family.

That’s when we started talking about all of the things we wanted to change in our lives and in particular in our show cattle lives. You see, this had become more than just a family hobby, it had become a way of life for all of us. As we were talking, we started making a list. We needed a barn of our own. We needed a new trailer big enough to haul all of the cattle. We needed our own fans, and our own equipment and everything we thought we needed we put on a list that Carrie was making in Google Keep. I was a big list that was going to cost us more than we thought we could ever pull together.

And then a funny thing happened, we actually started getting the stuff on our list.

Not everything came at once and none of it just magically appeared, but things started coming together for us to actually afford, buy and have things that we were dreaming of. Now, at this point, you might be thinking, big deal, you wanted some things so you went and got it, but that would be totally underselling how unrealistic our list seemed to us when we made it! We were sitting under that tent because we couldn’t afford to do anything else at the fair that day. We were daydreaming about a better future for ourselves with absolutely no idea how we could ever make it happen, but somehow it did.

This is why I’m convinced that making a list is a magic tool for getting what you want. Jim Rohn once said that goals are like a magnet because they pull you in the direction of their achievement. He has to be right. I’m not saying that we just sat around and felt good and waited for everything to come to us. Carrie and I both worked really hard to get the stuff on our list, but I am saying that by knowing what we wanted, we were pulled in the direction of getting it. It has been a magic tool.

Today we’re moving into the Auglaize County fair. We will be leaving from our own barn, hauling cattle in a brand new trailer loaded with all of our very own equipment. Every thing on that trailer today was once only a dream put on a list when we sat under that tent that day last year. If you feel discouraged at all, make your own list and see if the magic tool can get you what you want.

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