No Pain No Gain

You have no doubt heard that phrase before. It comes from bodybuilding where the central idea is that in order to build muscle. a bodybuilder must first break down their muscles by lifting weights. In order to gain, muscle, in this case, the lifter must feel pain. Sports scientists have repudiated the outdated idea that in order to build muscle, a person must lift until they feel pain, but one part of that old idea remains true; in order to grow, you will have to suffer some discomfort.

Cute story, bro, but what’s the point? Sorry, when I write about bodybuilders, I can’t fight the urge to talk like one. The point is, that in order to get better at anything or to grow in any way, we’re going to be uncomfortable and in order to get really good at growing, we’re going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

It’s long been y contention that all of us are in the persuasion profession. That no matter what our job titles are, our number one job is to persuade others to accept our ideas, buy our products or simply help us get what we want. In this line of work, in order to be great, we have to deal with a lot of discomforts. we have to:

  • Speak up in meetings.
  • Ask for the order.
  • Tell truth to power
  • Present in front of our peers

In every one of these circumstances, we have to do something that’s scary. We have to do something that feels uncomfortable but if we’re going to grow and be great, we have to do it anyway. The more comfortable we become just being uncomfortable, the better we can get.

It always cracks me up when people tell me that I don’t get nervous before I speak. BOLOGNA! Every time I get on stage or take the front of the room, I feel uncomfortable. It isn’t natural to stand in public and tell stories about your life, your family, and your mistakes. It can be downright intimidating even if you do it every day for a living. Those who do it well, however, have become comfortable with that discomfort. They push themselves beyond their fear and do it anyway.

This week, I challenge you to find areas where you are uncomfortable. Find an activity that scares you a little. The presentation you have to give, the call you have to make and do it anyway. In the moments while you’re engaged in that scary thing, feel the fear. Feel the the discomfort and get comfortable with it. After all, those bodybuilders are right; No Pain, No Gain.

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