It has been drilled into my head by teachers and mentors much smarter than myself, that success in business as in life, is simple, it’s the execution that’s hard. One of my mentors taught me that it comes down to just three things and if those three things are done well, success will inevitably follow. Those three things happen to get attention, get taken seriously and get the job done, the three things that I have dedicated this blog to figure out. 

Because sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most profound, I’m going to suggest a simple idea that I truly believe will help anyone do a better job at standing out and getting things done; simply getting outside.  

You’ll Feel Better

Americans in general, are woefully deficient in Vitamin D. One of the best sources is from our own bodies, created from taking in the sun. Yes, too much sun can kill you but like water, so can too little. Getting outside will help us feel more energized, more connected with nature and feel better about our place in the world. 

You’ll Look Better

Our society seems to love those who have already done it. We love proven winners. There’s no better proof of this than they way we treat people whom we assume are already rich and powerful. Want to look rich and powerful? One of the best places to start is with your tan. Wealthy people who live a life of leisure on the golf course, the tennis court or on a boat, look like they spend their time in the sun. If you want to be seen as a winner, get outside and earn your color. It’s a great way to stand out and get noticed. 

You’ll Gain A New Perspective

The reason most of us feel stuck is that we don’t give ourselves enough time to simply think. Getting outside can help us create that needed breathing space to generate great thoughts and ideas. I value my time in my barn because when I come out, I always have a list of ideas to act on. For me, it’s as good as taking a shower and getting my mind and my body moving in a different direction. Not everyone has a barn to run to and not everyone would love it there if they did, but everyone can go for a walk outside and gain a new perspective on the issues they’re facing and everyone should.

This week, as you work to accomplish your big tasks and take the actions that we discussed Monday, make time to get outside. You’ll feel better, look better, and have a new perspective that will help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed you could.  



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