If you’ve watched one series of Ohio State Football this year, you’ve no doubt noticed that the offense is having some struggles. After getting embarrassed by Oklahoma, all of the Buckeyes faults have been exposed and I see an average season ahead of them for one reason; they don’t play to their strength.

I understand that not everyone is a rabid Ohio State fan so let me assure you that I have a point here.

The Ohio State University Buckeyes are a running team. They’re built for dominating the line of scrimmage and picking up yards on the ground. They feature two excellent young running backs and a quarterback with talented legs but a questionable arm. When they line up and run straight ahead, there are few teams in the country that can compete with them. Until they get cute and try throwing the ball around, trying to take advantage of their speed and pick up big chunks of yardage on single plays. Then they’re a below average unit that’s easily defended. Their strength is running the ball but they don’t always play to it.

In this misfortune, they’re just like a lot of people I know in business who also do not play to their strengths. Who instead of grinding out what they’re good at, try to get cute and improve what they don’t do nearly as well. For Ohio State, this is the recipe for an average season, for the rest of us, it leads to an average life.

Just like the Buckeyes have been going into games with a plan that doesn’t allow them to do what they’re great at, a lot of people I know start every day with a poor game plan that puts them in a similar situation. I know speakers who are frustrated because they aren’t speaking and writers who are frustrated because they aren’t writing. They fill their day with work that takes away from their ability to focus on what they’re great at and almost like Ohio State trying to throw deep on first down, they end up behind.

Contrast this with Alabama. The nation’s number one team knows who they are and what they do well. There’s nothing cute or fancy, they just show up and work at doing the things that make them great. It doesn’t take a great fan to see the difference.

The first step to being great is knowing what you’re great at. The second step is doing it and the third step is the hardest of all; to stop doing what you’re just good at and get back to step two. In order for Ohio State to salvage this football season, they’re going to have to get back to running the football. If we’re going to break the bonds of average in our lives, we’re going to have to get back to doing what makes us great. Until we do, like my favorite team in Columbus, we’ll have to live with disappointment.

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