Anyone who has either read this blog or spent more than ten minutes with me knows that I am a rabid Ohio State Buckeye Football Fan. I went to The Ohio State University, I’ve spent my life cheering for the Scarlet and Gray and I can go on and on as to why I believe Urban Meyer was robbed of his second National Championship in Columbus last year. (I know…just win in Iowa!) So it might surprise you, then to read what I am about to write next. 

Yes, I am an Ohio State Football Fan, but I also live in the real world, which is why I understand the best College Football program in the last ten years hasn’t been in Columbus OH, but in Tuscaloosa Alabama. 

It’s easy to hate Alabama and Nick Saban for what they’ve accomplished, but the results speak for themselves. (I will not bring myself to type their record, but I will mention that they are 0-1 against Ohio State in that timeframe.) Alabama is great, but what makes them the best? Yes, they have great players, but so does Clemson, Georgia, USC, Texas and a whole host of other schools that rank in the top ten of recruiting classes every year. Yes, they have great facilities, but with the amount of TV money pouring into schools, that’s pretty common too. Is it Nick Saban, the snake that he is? Well…sorta. 

I believe that the one thing that separates Alabama Football from all other football programs in the country is Process. 

Process is what keeps athletes disciplined when it matters. Process is how a team can consistently lose NFL talent every year and replace it. Process is what allows a coach to give the ball to a freshman quarterback in overtime of National Championship game and still win. Alabama has a process that every single person from the starting quarterback to the waterboy believe in, trust and work within on every play. Their process wins games. 

If those of us in the persuasion profession want to be as dominant in our industries as Alabama has been in theirs, for my money, the lesson we have to learn is that Process wins. Successful salespeople follow a process on every call. Successful speakers follow a process before every presentation. Successful leaders develop and follow the process that inspires others to follow them. 

In countless businesses across our great country, there are talented people who are struggling. People who have all of the gifts that it takes to be successful. In just about every case, whats missing is the process that they can become a slave to that will produce Alabama-like results. 

What’s your process? I’m hopeful that you can tell me. If you can’t, when it’s time to figure out why you aren’t successful, maybe that’s the best place to look. 

Oh, and GO BUCKS! 

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