Through my work as a trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with thousands of people in the last year who are looking to improve their communication skills. People from all walks of life, in every industry who want to be better understood and have their message received. Some of these people have some really big issues in their lives and come with detailed questions. Others not so much, but they’re all looking to improve their relationships with people. That’s why its so surprising to me how few are actually willing to invest in themselves to do it.   

My reason for saying this is be46cause at every seminar I’ve ever done, I’ve suggested the same book to every audience; Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People. It’s simply the best book ever written on the subject of effectively dealing with people and I believe that everyone should read it. Out of the thousands of people to whom I’ve suggested the book, the number of people who have actually gone ahead and purchased the book is incredibly small. My best guess is that it’s somewhere around 10% and I can’t help but feel sad about it. 

Before I go further, let me tell you that I make nothing off of promoting the book. I promote it because it’s simply the best tool that I know of for improving our relationships with others. I don’t sell it, I recommend it and still very few people actually buy it.


It’s not because it’s hard to find. Amazon sells it and you can get shipped to you for free with one click. It’s not expensive Amazon sells it for as little as $6 – most people spend more on ice cream every week than that! If they don’t want to buy it, I’m certain that every library in America has a copy. They can read it for free. It doesn’t get much easier than free! Yet people still don’t take the time, spend the money or make the effort to buy the book that will improve the most important aspect of their lives. 

To take it one step further, I’ve had the opportunity to have three assistants work for me and I’ve asked everyone to read the book. Not one has invested the time to read it when I’ve handed the book to them. They fall into the 90% of the people I’ve met who refuse to invest in themselves enough to improve. If you’re looking for the point of this post, here it is:


Join the 10% who are dedicated enough to improve their skills that they invest in themselves. Buy the book. Buy the Audible subscription (all the audiobooks in the world at your fingertips for $15/month? why the hell not!). Go to the seminar, get the gym membership. Invest in you. Not only are you worth it, but your future self will thank you.

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