On Friday, I posted a blog titled The Recipe For A Great Life. It was a recipe shared with me by someone at an event who learned a valuable piece of wisdom for living a great life: Find someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to. Since hearing it, I’ve made it my mission in life to live this awesome advice and it’s made a real difference for me. I understand that it isn’t new or earth-shattering but to me, the power comes in its simplicity.

That’s the power of simple. If it were complex, I’d be impressed but I wouldn’t remember it. If I don’t remember it, I’m not going to do it. Because it’s simple, I act on it. Even when it’s not easy. 

Of the three parts to the simple recipe, finding something to do is usually that hardest. Not because there isn’t a lot to do, but because it’s easy to slip into the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. When this happens, making it simple gets me back on track. 

I’ve written posts, shared videos and even released pictures of my “simple discipline” list. It’s my list of disciplines that I know that I have to do every day in order to stay on track and be successful. It’s extremely low tech – written on a post-it stuck in my journal. It’s extremely basic – things like reading, writing my goals down, taking my ten-minute walks, and journaling. Best of all, it’s simple- 12 items listed on a piece of paper where I put a check mark next to it if I’ve done it for that day. Because it’s low tech, basic, and simple, I can always find something to do even when I don’t “feel it.” It allows me to accomplish something and that momentum can grow into something bigger. 

This is especially helpful when I’m in a low energy state. When I feel like there’s no point in trying. When I feel like giving up. Having simple, written tasks gives me something to do. That’s the power of simple. 

Where can you make things simple? Where can you boil down the parts of your business or career into simpler parts in order to give you something to do? We live in a complex word and deal with a lot of complex issues. That doesn’t mean that we can’t make things easier by breaking it down and making it simpler. We just have to make the effort to look. Make the effort and make your list and put the power of simple to work for you. You’ll be glad you did. 

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