In any business, interaction with customers and clients is critical. Though I do my best, I find that a lot of the interactions I both on this blog and on social media is one-sided. Unlike my live events where the audience plays a huge role in the direction a keynote or a training will take, there’s not a ton of feedback on this side. That’s why it was so encouraging to get an email taking me to task. 

This is an actual email I received last week. In full disclosure, I asked her permission before using it here. 

Where’s The Communication?


It’s been a while since I attended your Presenting With Power workshop, but I loved it! Public speaking has always been something that I struggle with, and your process took out a lot of stress and simplified it for me. That’s why I signed up for your newsletter. I wanted more tips like the ones I got in your class. That’s not what you’ve been sending me though. 

First, your newsletters aren’t coming frequently enough. OK, but then you’re sending too much motivation mumbo jumbo and not enough information. As you said in the class, feedback is a gift so I’m hoping you will take mine. Send me more of what I can use to solve my communication problems. 

I don’t think anyone wants to get an email calling their posts “mumbo jumbo” but I get the point. There is a lot of truth in what she sent me. I do post a lot about mindset and what some might call motivation. The point, that to me that gets missed, however, is that the two, mindset and communication, are interrelated. Being a great communicator takes confidence. It takes courage, compassion, and commitment. I write about it because that’s the message that I believe needs to be hammered home. 

But She’s Right

That’s not to say that the person who sent me this email doesn’t have a point. She absolutely does. There are people who read my blog who have enough confidence. They’ve mastered their mindset and they come back here looking for communication advice, not motivation. For them, I need to do a better job of striking a balance. That’s why I’m going to rethink my Tuesday videos. From now on, instead of using Tuesday’s video to drive home Monday’s blog post, I’m going to focus it on solid tips that anyone can use to be a better communicator. 

Here’s Where I Need Help

In order to make sure I’m hitting relevant topics and delivering what people are looking for, I’m going to ask for your help. If there’s something that you would like to see me cover or a problem that you’re having, would please send me an email or engage online? Let me know where I should focus my Tuesday’s Tips and I promise that I will focus on answering you. 

In any business, interaction with customers and clients is critical. Feedback is a gift and going forward, I’m going to deliver on it.  

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