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I’m the guy in the suit. My name is Randy Fisher and I include a picture of my family here for two reasons:

  1. Those kids are much cuter than I am.

  2. My beautiful wife pushes me every day to be better in every area of my life!

I’m a speaker, a trainer and a coach obsessed with developing the confidence, charisma and communication skills for leaders and their teams that will drive higher levels of performance


Presenting Your Polished Professional Image


The hardest part of getting ahead today is getting noticed. In our highly competitive business climate, first impressions are critical yet most leaders and salespeople lack the basic soft skills to set themselves apart and stand out.

 I  have worked with salespeople, front line personnel, business and nonprofit executives and politicians at all stages of their careers to develop the skills to be taken seriously, communicate their ideas and inspire people to action. I pride myself in tailoring content for the needs of each audience I speak with in every keynote, workshop and training to bring out the best in each team.

My Passions

I write, speak and train about developing executive presence,, presentation skills, developing a personal brand and standing out on stage to present a polished professional image. I take pride in posting content to my blog at least three times a week and hope that we can have a dialog about the issues of standing out and getting ahead.

Some of my popular blog posts include: 10513283_10202472605317127_4446048235140559302_n

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Finding The Courage

Let’s Get To Work


I serve as Executive Director of United Way of Auglaize County, a nonprofit located in Western Ohio that is leading change in the areas of Income, Education, and Health. I am exIMG_2652 (1)_burned (1)cited to use my skills as a leader and communicator to help serve my community. Since I’ve taken a leadership role, we have built a successful fundraising operation utilizing the very techniques included in my training to connect with donors and volunteers on a personal level.

Prior to my role with United Way, I began my training career with Dale Carnegie Training of Ohio and Indiana where I learned from the best to excel at coaching teams and individuals in the areas of sales and presentation skills.

Communicating and helping people have always been a passion of mine and I am eager to share what I’ve learned in the hopes of helping more people live their own dreams.

About Those kids20150823_111713

My wife, Carrie and I along with our three children, Jack, Caroline and Kate make our home in Wapakoneta Ohio, where I have served on City Council and I’m active in our Rotary Club. When I’m not in the suit, we spend our time together on our family farm.

Contact Information

You can email me or follow me on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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