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Dealing With Difficult People

With so many diverse personalities, egos and behavioral styles in the modern workforce, it’s tempting to simply label people difficult and walk away. Successful leaders, however, understand that dealing with difficult people separates those who get things done from those who fail. In our time together you will focus on:

  • Increasing Self Awareness
  • Understanding Behavior Styles
  • Reducing Defensive Behavior
  • Handling Tense and Volatile Situations

Randy draws upon his experience as a successful business development professional, community leader and people skills expert to bring you a boot camp for dealing with difficult people.

Value to Teams:

Team Members will leave with effective strategies to seamlessly handle the differences in people that create workplace conflict and inspire their teams to action.


Randy Fisher is the founder of Randy Fisher Training, a consulting firm that specializes in developing polished professional presentation skills for teams and individuals. He in an award-winning public speaker who been coaching business and nonprofit leaders since 2007.

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