Hidden away in the Google Play Store and I’m sure in the Apple App Store as well, is a tool you’ve probably never heard of.  

It’s not fancy, it won’t transform you into a super hero, but if you juggle multiple projects, work from a task list or need to make notes to keep your brain functioning, Google Keep is the best application you’re not using.

Keep from Google, is a note taking application that allows you to sync notes between all of your devices, share those notes with others and create your own task lists. It is the single best application that I have found to organize and plan my day.

I use to keep a list of all of my open projects and all of the tasks associated with each of them. My wife and I share a grocery list that we can both edit which makes both of our lives simpler.

It’s also a great place to “Mind Dump”. For getting everything out of our head before starting work on something that requires mental clarity. I simply make a new note with all of things clouding my thinking until I can organize them into the appropriate task list, making it a kind of mental inbox.

Because I organize my time based on the tools I have available, having a task list full of things that I can only do when I’m at my computer, when running errands or on the phone keeps me focused on what I can control when I can control it.

If you’re looking for a simple application that will allow you to get more out of your day, I enthusiastically endorse Google Keep. Of course, downloading it isn’t enough, you actually have to use it to make it work.

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