Last October, I learned a lesson from a very unlikely source about being a successful salesperson. It started when I was talking to my friend Josh and I made a confession. I told him that I really don’t like coffee.

On the surface, this seems odd because I drink about 8 cups a day, but in reality, I don’t really like it, I just can’t stand the headache I get if I skip it.

Josh told me that I felt this way is that I wasn’t drinking good coffee and the lesson started.

Josh told me that I needed to buy coffee from a new company that just joined the chamber of commerce: Ridge Street Coffee.

That was interesting to me because Ridge Street and the street where I live are actually connected and come together to make a big U shape. It turns out that our back yards actually connect. Ridge Street Coffee was actually my neighbor. All this time, I’ve been choking down Folgers when great coffee, was literally in my own back yard!

When I got home that afternoon, I decided to take Josh’s advice and go buy some of this good coffee.

I walked around the block, up to his door and knock. This is when things started to get strange.

As I’m standing on his porch, I hear a voice from behind ask, “Can I help you?”

I thought it was weird that I’m being approached from behind, but hey things happen, so I asked for some coffee. I said that my friend Josh has been telling me that this coffee is the best he’s ever had and I’d like to buy some.

A middle-aged gentleman looked me up and down and said…” cool, come this way” and took me to the side door of his garage.

When we get inside, he finally introduces himself as Mikie. And asks me “just how buzzed are you looking to get?”

Now, I’ve never been a part of a drug deal, but I’ve watched Law & Order and I’m thinking that maybe Josh was confused as what product from Columbia I really wanted.

I reply that I don’t know what kind of COFFEE I’m looking for.

He asks me another question. He says when you indulge now, what do you use?

Indulge? I’m thinking, Dude, this is just coffee, but I tell him that Mc Donalds works for me.

To this he tells me that I can do a lot better than that and pulls out his digital scale.

At this point, I’m looking for the DEA to burst through the door at any moment. I can see the headline now, Local City Councilor busted buying drugs from neighbor.

I still haven’t seen any coffee but he starts telling me how the drug kingpins in Columbia actually use coffee to throw off the drug dogs and I’m looking for the door.

Mikie pours some of his coffee beans into a small bag and tells me that this one will blow my mind.

I’m feeling a little better now that I’m actually looking at a coffee bean and I ask him about the price.He replies that this one is on the house, it’s just a taste because he knows that when I try it, I’ll be hooked.

I timidly take the coffee, put it in my coat and hightail it back home before I get busted.

As it turns out, he was right. When I tried it, I was hooked. Josh was right too, when I tried good coffee, I didn’t gag.

Now I have the greatest coffee guy. Do you know how many people I’ve shared this story with? He didn’t just sell me coffee, he embraced what made him different and gave me an experience instead of just a product. He doesn’t just sell coffee, he sells the world in every cup. I’ve never been back his house, he delivers it to my office. Mikie has created for himself a marketing campaign, a following, and a fan base. by creating what I call “Mikie Moments”, and that’s a lesson worth learning.

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