We all admire the charismatic people we interact with. Those who open doors with a smile and generally make everyone around them feel better about themselves while making us wonder to ourselves, how they do that? Many of us look on with envy at these smooth operators and curse ourselves for not being naturally gifted.

The truth, however, is that charismatic people use traits that every one of us can develop. Traits that will make us more interesting to be around better liked by others and more talented in dealing with people. Three traits of charismatic people are:


Charismatic people are comfortable being themselves. This kind of authenticity keeps them from trying to be someone they’re not. This kind of authenticity allows them to be vulnerable, and human. This kind of authenticity is the basis for genuine warmth and it’s impossible to project warmth by trying to be someone else.

We all have the ability to be authentic. When we let our guard down and allow ourselves to simply be ourselves we relieve the pressure of trying to be perfect and form the basis for an honest connection with others. Embracing our true authenticity can make us charismatic.


Charismatic people make it a habit to be present in the moments that make their lives. This kind of presence keeps them from looking past the people they’re engaged with. This kind of presence keeps them off of their phones and focused on the people next to them. This kind of presence keeps their attention in the here and  now, showing the people they talk to that they matter and are important.

We all have the ability to be present. We must simply force our attention into the situations that we’re engaged in. By giving others our presence we become more charismatic.


Charismatic people are curious about the world they live in and the people they engage with. This kind of curiosity keeps them focused on the people they’re talking to and inspires more questions than monologs. This kind of curiosity drives a need to understand not only what people are saying but their reason for talking, to begin with. This kind of curiosity makes them interesting because it makes them interested in others.

We all have the ability to be curious. We simply have to use that ability when dealing with people and become more engaging by asking more questions. Our curiosity can make us more charismatic.

Though we look at charismatic people as if they possess something the rest of us don’t have, the truth is all of us can develop the three traits that I have outlined above. When we take the time to make ourselves authentic, present and curious, it will only be a short time before others see look us and wonder how we do it.

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