Question: What’s the biggest problem with most blogs? Answer: No one reads them.

Oh, sure, there are exceptions but most of us are putting out content every day and no one is reading what we have to say. There are a lot of reasons for this, but mostly it boils down to three things we’re doing wrong. We’re boring, we’re lousy at promotion and we’re not intentional about building an audience.

I would not be pointing out this problem if I did not have a proposed solution, so here it is: Bloggers Should Join Toastmasters.

I can hear the collective gasp now…” but I’m a writer, not a speaker” but allow me to explain how joining Toastmasters can fix each of our three mistakes:

We’re Boring

A lot of blogs are boring because they cover a lot of “how to” advice in the same way we’ve seen it presented over and over again. Most blogs are written lectures of things we need to do.

Joining Toastmasters will help anyone become a better communicator because Toastmasters increases confidence and put a premium on telling stories. Both are natural enemies of boring. With confidence, both our written and spoken communication improves. By telling more stories, we’re able to deliver the same advice we’re looking write in a way that’s more digestible by the human mind. Joining Toastmasters can help liven up our writing and make us interesting again.

We’re Lousy at Promotion

Once we pour our heart and soul into a piece that we know we have to write, how does anyone find it? Sure we’ll post it Facebook and share it on twitter, but how would anyone that doesn’t know us find it?

This is where being a better public speaker can make a tremendous difference. Just like writing can increase the credibility of a speaker, speaking and sharing our ideas with an audience can increase our credibility as writers. In order to do that, we must be able to take the stage and hold the attention of an audience. These aren’t natural skills but they can be learned and Toastmasters is a great place to start. When we learn to speak, we can better promote our writing and it adds greatly to fixing our last mistake and more deliberately build and audience.

We’re Not Intentional About Building an Audience

How do the world’s most successful bloggers build their audience? They develop and nurture huge email lists. There are a lot of ways to do that, online sign ups, free products, contests, and all of them work. A tool though that many writers miss is gathering information from people who hear them speak.

If twice a month we delivered a presentation in front of an audience of people that should be reading or blog, and we deliver value to that audience and before we conclude we ask anyone interested in signing up for our newsletter, we begin to build a following. Toastmasters provides the training and in some cases, the audience to do this. It’s one of the most deliberate ways of building an audience and it’s made possible by joining Toastmasters.

There are numerous other benefits as well. Becoming a better speaker will make us better writers and vice versa, but these are three major problems that joining Toastmasters can solve for a blogger. Step and up and speak and watch your audience grow because you’ll be more interesting, better promote your blog and be intentional about building your audience. Before you know it, everyone that needs your content will find it.

Come back Friday and find out why Toastmasters should blog.

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