Wednesday’s post explored the reasons why bloggers should join Toastmasters. Today, I am hoping to convince my Toastmasters friends that they should start blogging.

It’s my belief that Toastmasters should be blogging because for the following reasons:

Writing Forces Clarity

Writing speeches is hard. Writing good speeches is harder. As Toastmasters, we’ve all experienced speakers who needed to be more clear in presenting their ideas. Blogging helps.

The reason that writing is so hard is because we do it so infrequently. By committing to a blog and posting content, we continually push ourselves to become better communicators.  Writing forces clarity and blogging is a great place to start.


Blogging Builds A Reservoir

This has been blogging’s greatest gift to me as a Toastmaster. Writing content four times a week, I am forced to research, learn and study new subjects. All of this build a reservoir of knowledge that simplifies preparing speeches.

When I see an open slot for a speaker, I don’t have to spend a lot of time researching and learning a new topic. I’ve already done that. I only need to take my blog post and reword it for the ear rather than the eye. This makes Table Topics a lot easier too because I have a reservoir full of knowledge already built, I just have to let it out.

Blogging Builds An Audience

Wednesday, I suggested bloggers join Toastmasters to expand their reach and build an audience. Blogging can do the same thing for speakers.

The old line that is spoken by professionals of “publish or perish” holds some truth. Not all Toastmasters join to become professional speakers, but all of us should care about building an audience and with it a brand. Posting content online accomplishes this. All we have to do is pick a platform and start.

If you’re ready to start blogging in order to force clarity, build a reservoir and build an audience, the next question to answer is what platform is right for you. I strongly suggest you start with a free one. Try a couple and see which one feels right. Here are just a few options.


This is Google’s blogging platform. It is incredibly simple and easy to use. It’s just a blog. No fancy frills, but it gets the job done and every post that’s written gets shared on Google Plus which is a great way to get found during a search.

WordPress gives us a lot more options. The basic blog works really well and you can always upgrade to a premium package later if you want.


I have written before about LinkedIn and how much I love the platform. When we publish an article there, it gets shared with our network and is shareable across other social media bands as well. It is really simple, and free which makes it my favorite place to start.


This might just be me, but I have found Tumblr to be the most complicated to navigate and figure out. It’s free and has its own network to build an audience from, but I’ve had a hard time getting it right. Your experience might be different, so let me know.

I firmly believe that bloggers should join Toastmasters and Toastmasters should blog. For me, it has helped me become better at both and if the goal is to build a strong personal brand, this is a great way to do it.

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